Dead dogs discovered inside plastic bin in Chesterfield

Dead dogs discovered inside plastic bin in Chesterfield
Bin along Wellspring Road in Chesterfield that contained the bodies of two deceased dogs. (Source: Alysha Mangione)

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield Animal Control says the bodies of two deceased dogs were found in plastic bins and bags on a Chesterfield road. The gruesome discovery was made by a woman walking her dog on Saturday.

Elizabeth Haywald says there are spots along Wellspring road where people do tend to dump their trash.

“They come and dump garbage. They come and dump mattress sets,” said Haywald, but she was not prepared for what was inside a blue bin she encountered over the weekend.

“[My dog] pulled me over here to the side of the road, to that very area, and when we got close to it, you could smell - it was a really horrid smell,” she said. “It was not a garbage smell, it was a death smell.”

Inside the bin, Haywald describes seeing “two huge bags in it, covered in maggots,” Haywald’s daughter cut open one of the bags the next day and saw one of the decomposing dogs.

”It was very, very, very bloated. It was almost like a giant hog,” Haywald described the carcass.

Animal Control later confirmed two deceased dogs were inside the bin.

NBC12 spoke with an investigator with the Virginia Animal Fight Task Force, a non-profit group comprised of animal control officers around the Commonwealth who assist in investigations dealing with illegal animal activity.

”Not only does it cause potential environmental hazards, but it shouldn’t happen this way,” the investigator said, reacting to the nature of which the dogs were disposed of.

They add that the methods used for disposing of fighting animals are usually careless, with animals being dumped “in wooded areas or on the side of the road, or down rural roads where nobody is going to find the animal.”

But this time, the bodies were found, and Haywald is left with a disturbing memory.

“It’s terrifying. I don’t ever want to see or experience that again. I want to find the people that did it to make sure they never have another animal again. Or if it was something completely innocent, and they just didn’t know what to do - maybe their family pet died. Come forward and let us know, so we know that it’s not something more horrific than we’re imagining,” she added.

Chesterfield Animal Control said that they are investigating this case, but that they are not currently looking into any dogfighting cases. They ask for anyone with information on these two dogs to contact them at 804-748-1683.

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