Schools in Fluvanna and Greene counties have plans for in person classes this fall

Schools in Fluvanna and Greene counties have plans for in person classes this fall

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Fluvanna County Public Schools are scheduled to open on August 17, giving families two options for learning. One is considered a hybrid and the other is completely virtual.

“Families have the option to choose the hybrid model, where students will go to an AA/BB schedule, which students will come on Monday and Tuesday,” Fluvanna County School’s Don Stribling said. “Then we have a support day on Wednesday and then, students will who are BB, so Thursday and Friday, they’ll report to school on Thursday and Friday.”

Stribling says parents were given a survey asking which method they would prefer for the upcoming school year.

“Right now our most recent survey I want to say is in the 70-30 range with 70 [percent] still requested a hybrid with 30 [percent] requesting the virtual model,” said Stribling.

A group of teachers who are concerned about the plans for reopening have worked together to draft an open letter to the superintendent and the school board suggesting an all virtual method is the safest solution.

“We desperately want to teach,” Fluvanna County Public Schools teacher Craig Edgerton said. “Do we want to teach virtually? Not necessarily, but it’s the only safe way to keep our children safe and our community safe there.”

The letter, now with over 500 signatures, asks many questions concerning the safety of everyone involved with a hybrid model.

“We need to be able to say with 100% certainty that we can keep our children, our staff and our community safe and teaching virtually, although it may not be the best method, is the only method that we can keep our children safe,” Edgerton said.

Greene County Public Schools is facing a similar situation. Members of the community also sent a letter to the Greene County School Board raising concerns for returning to school. The county plans to address the letter at a school board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 29.

Fluvanna County Public Schools says the questions from the community helped create a Frequently Asked Questions list online. Fluvanna County also has a school board meeting scheduled for Wednesday July 29.

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