Sending Smiles Project sends hand-made cards to seniors in assisted living facilities

Sending Smiles Project

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A Charlottesville woman is raising money to send personalized postcards to senior adults in nearby assisted living facilities.

Kim Taylor started the Sending Smiles Project to make hand-made cards for seniors in care centers who may be separated from their loved ones during the pandemic. She’s raising money to buy paper, lace, wax and vintage stamps to make each card unique. Taylor says she started the project to give seniors a smile.

“I had seen on the news that many assisted living patients are unable to have visitors right now, and it was really important to me to make them feel special and connected, and bring them a bit of joy,” Taylor said.

Taylor is planning on making 250 cards a month for seniors in the area and may expand the project in the future.

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