JABA adapts school mentoring program

JABA adapts school mentoring program

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Jefferson Area Board for aging (JABA) is adapting its volunteer mentoring program to a virtual format and is currently looking for volunteers.

The “Friends in School Helping” program (FISH) is looking for volunteers to conduct sessions using Zoom. FISH has paired mentors with students needing individualized attention since 2004.

Staff at JABA say despite the challenges of adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, the program remains successful.

“The volunteers want to do it. They were very sad when the schools had to close, but they understood. And they don’t want to have to stop completely just because of COVID,” Volunteer Services Coordinator Winter Broadhurst said.

To find out more about the changes in the program, and how to become a volunteer, you can follow the link to JABA’s website.

Volunteers Wanted: JABA to Launch Virtual School Mentoring Program

Questions remain about how exactly local public school are going to re-open, but instruction will be delivered, and JABA is adapting its popular Friends in School Helping (FISH) Program to help students, teachers, and parents.

JABA’s Friends in School Helping (FISH) Program trains adult volunteers to mentor students, helping boost their confidence and success. Mentors commit to at least one hour per week for the school year.

Volunteers will be trained and mentor students using the Zoom online platform. Volunteers will be able to work with students without leaving their homes! Volunteers will also have training and support in using the Zoom platform, and this will be a collaborative program between JABA, parents, and teachers throughout the school year.

Volunteers should contact JABA's Volunteer Services Coordinator, Winter Broadhurst, at wbroadhurst@jabacares.org or learn more about the FISH program, or to submit an online volunteer application, by visiting https://www.jabacares.org/fish

For interviews, contact JABA’s Volunteer Services Coordinator, Winter Broadhurst, at wbroadhurst@jabacares.org or 434-906-2977.

Learn more about the FISH program here: https://www.jabacares.org/fish

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