Cavaliers in virus-busting mode during workout sessions

UVA football coach Bronco Mendenhall describes the equipment used to clean and sanitize the Cavaliers' weight room as 'kind of like a Ghostbusters backpack.'

Cavaliers in virus-busting mode during workout sessions
UVa head coach Bronco Mendenhall smiling before the Cavaliers game against Virginia Tech (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Virginia football team is in its second week of Required Activity, which is up to eight hours a week of weight training, conditioning, and film review.

That activity looks much different that it did in 2019.

The players are all staying in dorms right now, with check-points, and no visitors.

They have designated wristbands, temperature checks, and maintain social distancing.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall says the weight room is particularly challenging.

“We have like what you would see if you were spraying weeds in your lawn,” says Mendenhall. “We have these backpacks, so after small groups train in the weight room, when they’re done, there’s a giant spraying down of everything in the weight room.  The drying, the complete deep clean, before the next group comes in at the appropriate time, to make sure the cleansing agents work, have dried, and had the effect.  It’s kind of like a Ghostbusters backpack, where guys are spraying things down after every workout. It’s an amazing operation that’s happening here.”

The Cavaliers were the COVID-Busters in their first round of testing, with just two cases out of 110 players tested, but Mendenhall says it’s not an easy situation to navigate.

“It’s very challenging right now to acknowledge the threat of the virus, acknowledge the possible risk the players were love and care about are under, and they ask them, and ask them appropriately, to condition and become ready for this game which is challenging to prepare for, even under normal circumstances,” says Mendenhall. “We’re all feeling kind of an internal turmoil.”

Virginia is scheduled to open the season on September 7th against Georgia in Atlanta.

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