Staunton’s Visulite reopens and welcomes community back to the movies

Staunton’s Visulite reopens and welcomes community back to the movies
Visulite (Source: WHSV)

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — After almost 4 months of being closed, Visulite Cinemas in downtown Staunton welcomed the community back to enjoy the movies on July 3.

Owner, Adam Greenbaum, said his staff has been working to ensure a safe and fun experience. In addition to cleaning and sanitizing the theater, they have also changed operations a bit.

Tickets and concessions can now be bought at one station. There are markers on the ground for people to stand 6 feet apart.

Guests will select their seating and will be spaced out no closer than three seats next to someone, and seating will only be offered in every other row.

While this does put the theater at less than 50% capacity, Greenbaum said he is just happy to have people back.

“We’ve been kind of preparing for this for, it seems like way longer than four months. It seems like years, so I’m very, very excited to see people back in here,” Greenbaum said.

The theater will be running a “welcome back” special for at least the next week with all tickets just $5. They will be playing some throwback films to remind people of the fun of going to the movies.

“So, we really just want people to come in and have fun and escape and kind of lose themselves a little bit outside of their house, which is a novel experience for a lot of people at this point,” Greenbaum said.

The Visulite is also continuing its curbside popcorn service, PopHop, so you can take fresh, movie theater popcorn home.

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