How people in Charlottesville are planning to spend their July 4th

How people in Charlottesville are planning to celebrate July 4th

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - It’s a Fourth of July weekend like no other. Now, a lot of people who normally go big this holiday will now do it ‘pandemic style.'

We talked to a lot of people in Charlottesville about their plans for the holiday. Whether they’re from central Virginia or just visiting, people are finding ways to celebrate without letting COVID-19 get them down.

“I’m hopefully going to catch up with some old friends and see some fireworks,” said Russell May. “Just relax, maybe have a cookout.”

Some people’s plans are being impacted by the coronavirus. “I believe that with everything happening right now, it’s probably safe to just stay indoors unless you really have to go outside,” said Michael Reyes.

“I”m going to take my road bike out and go for a long bike ride,” said Samantha Ondrusek. “Just kind of get away from everybody and everything since I’ve been stuck in the house for far too many months.”

Others have started to travel and found themselves in central Virginia. “We’re from Virginia Beach but we’re here in the mountains for some fresh air and some patriotism,” said Jennette Young while surrounded by family members.

Kirk Montrose is in Charlottesville with his girlfriend. “We came up here just to drive around just to kind of take a vacation while still being safe and socially distancing from everyone,” he said.

Quentin Smith said his plans are simple. “If anything, I am grilling on my front yard, but keeping it low key,” he said.

Some people said fireworks will be a part of their weekend plans, and with different localities having different restrictions, it’s important to check about what’s allowed where you will be celebrating.

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