Charlottesville arcade reopening July 3

Charlottesville arcade reopening July 3

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Decades Arcade in Charlottesville is reopening Friday, July 3, with some safety measures in place to help reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus.

Decades Arcade in Charlottesville
Decades Arcade in Charlottesville (Source: WVIR)

The arcade is requiring face masks, and there will be hand sanitizer stations placed around the games. Air purifiers will also be used, as well as a device to help players keep their distance from one another.

“This is a standard card swipe system that you often see on games where it basically lets you play it, but I designed a special one that has a proximity senor on it. The idea is that you’ve got two games next to one another and one person is playing one game, the proximity sensor will not allow the other game next to it to be able to turn on. So, essentially enforces social distancing,” Decades Arcade Owner Dr. Paul Yates said.

Admission to Decades Arcade will be limited to 25 people per two-hour block. You can book your time on the arcade’s website.

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