Thomas Jefferson Health District sees rise in 7-day positivity rate

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - New data from the Thomas Jefferson Health District shows a rise in the percentage of coronavirus tests that come back positive.

The seven-day positivity average is now 7.2%, the highest since late May, back when Virginia was just in Phase 1 of reopening.

Now, as the commonwealth is preparing for Phase 3 on Wednesday, TJHD Senior Policy Analyst Ryan McKay says they still feel comfortable moving to Phase 3, but he does remind people they still must take precautions.

“I think what we’re concerned about is how we are moving forward,” McKay said. “Are people still taking the precautions that allowed us to be at this low level for all this time? We’re going to continue to wear face coverings when we’re out in public when social distancing can’t occur?”

McKay says TJHD’s target is to remain under 10% positivity rate. As Virginia enters Phase 3, he says providing enough tests, and keeping the percentage of those that come back positive low, are crucial to making sure Virginia does not have to scale back reopening measures.

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