Volunteers clean up Forest Hills Park

Volunteers clean up Forest Hills Park
Volunteers cleaning up Charlottesville's Forest Hills Park (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Forest Hills Park in Charlottesville is looking better, thanks to a group of volunteers.

Come As You Are Cville kicked off its first weekly cleanup effort Friday, June 26. The plan is to have the community come together and form a tighter bond.

“The goal here is unity, that’s the goal,” Tristan Kabesa with Come As You Are Cville said. “We can gather a hundred people, clean up the parks, and go home. But, as along as we did not mesh together, we did not accomplish your goal here. Yes, the community is clean, but if I see you tomorrow walking down the street am I going to be able to greet you and recognize your face? I want to bring people together.”

The city’s Department of Parks and Recreation provided tools to help those pitching in.

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