Electronic vehicle chargers coming to Giant Food parking lots

Electronic vehicle chargers coming to Giant Food parking lots
Giant Food announces new Electronic Vehicle charging stations coming to Charlottesville location. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Giant Foods announced it will be installing electronic vehicle (EV) chargers at locations across the commonwealth for customers to use, free of charge.

The grocery store chain said new chargers will be ready to use at the Charlottesville location on Abbey Road in August.

Two chargers will be located in the store’s parking lot.

“The average charge is about 45 minutes or so, which delivers nearly 30 miles of free refueling, so perfect opportunity to go in, do your grocery shopping, come out and have your car ready to go,” Ryan Draude, the director of loyalty and digital at Giant Food, said.

Draude said the decision to install EV chargers is part of the company’s push to be as sustainable as possible.

“The whole idea of sustainability is a huge priority of Giant Food,” Draude said. “Our goal is to really be able to try to promote better environmental practices and sustainability by investing in rechargeable stations like we’re bringing to our stores across the Giant footprint.”

Draude said they hope to have charging stations at about 200 stores by mid-2021.

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