VA nonprofits hold virtual Town Hall with Senators Kaine and Warner, ask for more comprehensive COVID-19 relief legislation

Nonprofits ask for changes in legislation - WVIR 5pm.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Nonprofits across the state struggling to survive in the era of COVID-19 are now turning to Virginia’s senators for more comprehensive relief legislation.

Nonprofit groups joined with Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner Monday in a virtual Town Hall, hosted by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, to request modification to the CARES Act passed earlier this year. Attendees also asked pressing questions about unemployment, racial inequity, and defunding the police.

Many of the nonprofit groups in attendance submitted a request for legislation changes in May, advocating for increased emergency funding, expanded broadband access and more comprehensive loan-forgiveness programs.

Senator Kaine said he supported the use of targeted aid packages in future legislation, saying the method could revitalize nonprofits by giving them funding and resources, which would, in turn, better help struggling communities on a more localized level.

“If we tried helping with housing, and with food, a lot of that would end up with nonprofits, housing providers, housing developing authorities,” Senator Kaine said. “I think if we do more aid to help individuals, the nonprofit communities will be very, very involved, in the additional aid that we give.”

Senators Kaine and Warner also advocated for increased research on the impacts of COVID-19 in order to properly assess how to best help nonprofits survive during and after the pandemic. Both said the effects of the virus will be long-lasting and will change the way nonprofits and business function for years to come.

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