Blue Ridge’s Andy Nwaoko heads to Boise State to pursue college football career

Defensive end Andy Nwaoko heads to Boise State.
Defensive end Andy Nwaoko heads to Boise State.(WVIR)
Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 8:50 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Andy Nwaoko signed his national letter of intent to pursue his academic and athletic career at Boise State. He’s had an interesting journey to get this far.

“I‘m trying to think of a word to describe it,” Nwaoko said. “It’s like a dream come true. I know that there’s a lot of work to be done, so I’m excited that I had achieved something.”

The VISSA D-II Defensive Player of the Year came to Blue Ridge School to play basketball, but the forward turned defensive end is living out his dream of playing Division 1 football with the Broncos.

The dual-sport athlete arrived from Nigeria his sophomore year.

“If you don’t have God beside you to keep pushing you, I don’t think you can go anywhere. So it’s one thing to have talent, but another thing to have guys that love you and encourage you every day. I don’t even think I’d be talking to you right now if I didn’t have God,” Nwaoko said.

“I can’t imagine going to another country academically and what I think is athletically have something else come to be, but because of the hard work and determination by the grace of God and the people that were put into his life, he was able to fly up the learning curve,” head varsity basketball coach Cade Lemcke said.

Nwaoko says he will never forget his first time on the gridiron, especially since it was just two years ago when he started playing football.

“When I stepped on the field I’m like, ‘OK what am I supposed to do? How how are we going to win? What do you want me to do?‘” Nwaoko said. “At first I was like, ‘this is strange,’ but the point is trying to stop the opponent. For me, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to stop him. The first touchdown was everything! I was like a goal in soccer. God blesses you with the talent and what you think you want to do is not what he wants you to do. I feel like god directed me through him to football.”

Nwaoko leaves July 1 for Boise State.

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