Ideal Cabinets Design Studio says pandemic caused a surprising issue

Cabinetry company staying open during covid-19

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A cabinetry company that has offices all over Virginia, including in Albemarle County, says the pandemic is affecting business in a surprising way.

Before the pandemic hit, it was business as usual for Ideal Cabinets Design Studio, then fortunes changed.

“I had a couple of clients that were lined up to go to contract actually right before and you know they had to back out for various reasons,” Ideal Cabinets Manager Victoria Bombardieri said.

Some customers put off installing cabinets because of the financial uncertainty that came with the pandemic, and others were worried about their health.

“We had another client, an older couple who just were fearful of having people in their home, you know, they didn’t want our workers and installers and stuff coming into the house,” Bombardieri said.

The team expected the pandemic to cause some loss in revenue, but there was one impact that came as a surprise.

“We had one client that we had already started tearing out her bathroom and Pennsylvania is where a lot of the cabinets are manufactured and that governor was really strict and he actually shut down even cabinet manufacturers,” Bombardieri said.

Navigating the pandemic as a small business is just one of the hurdles the team at Ideal Cabinets has to overcome.

“There’s more and more options all the time for people for cabinetry and countertops, so just trying to you know differentiate yourself by showing you know you’ve got great products and services,” Bombardieri said.

Ideal Cabinets Design Studio is celebrating 50 years of serving people across Virginia.

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