Falcon Club still planning on Football Awards Banquet, despite missing fundraisers

The Falcon Club’s biggest fundraisers are the concerts and events on the Downtown Mall, but with everything postponed, putting on the Awards Banquet will be more difficult this year.

Falcon Club still planning on Football Awards Banquet, despite missing fundraisers

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - On a typical Friday night, the Pavilion would be packed, as people celebrate the start of the weekend at Friday’s After Five in Charlottesville.

That includes members of the Falcon Club.

For the last thirty years, they’ve been the ones selling the drink tickets for concerts and Friday’s After Five on the Downtown Mall.

But with everything postponed, they won’t have that opportunity this summer.

“It’s our largest fundraiser, definitely," says club president Jimmy French, "but we don’t make enough there to pay for the entire banquet, because the banquet runs around ten-thousand dollars.”

‘The Banquet’ is the annual Falcon Club Football Awards Banquet, which has been going on for 65 years.

With thirteen high school teams in attendance, the Club ends up giving out over 75 plaques and trophies.

French says, “Oh I think it means a tremendous amount to the players and coaches, because we give Player of the Year for the public high schools, and the private high schools, and the same for the coaches, and we also have the traveling trophies, that the winning school gets to take back and keep until the next year.”

Jimmy French has been a member of the Falcon Club for 20 years, and the president for the last eight.

He says even without the usual fundraisers, as long as there’s football, they’ll hold the banquet for the 66th year in a row.

“Well, we just hope we’re gonna have a season, this year," says French. "I think we can ask for donations, and be able to handle this year’s banquet, but at this point, it’s iffy with the season, though I personally think we’ll have one.”

The Virginia High School League issued a press release on Friday, stating they are waiting on the Governor’s plan to reopen schools, before drawing up their own plan to restart sports.

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