Sentara Martha Jefferson provides fresh produce option for staff

Updated: Jun. 1, 2020 at 1:22 PM EDT
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Sentara Martha Jefferson recently partnered with The Local Food Hub to bring fresh local produce to their employees each week. The program came out of a brainstorming effort about way in which the hospital could supports its staff during the pandemic.

“Providing the fresh local produce right here at the hospital seemed to be a convenient way for them to access those things,” noted Jackie Martin, Director of Community Benefit for Sentara Martha Jefferson.

“Access to fresh produce can be challenging under normal circumstances and during a pandemic during COVID19 where many traditional businesses where we get our food are closed, many people are staying home, or unable to leave their home, and we feel it’s important people have access to fresh food and vegetables where they need it most,” noted Laura Brown, Director of Community and Policy for The Local Food Hub.

The program is pay as you are able. Those who can pay more do so, in support of those who can’t. The minimum amount to pay per bag is just five dollars. The Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation is also supporting the program for its employees.

People seem to really appreciate local produce, and to have it delivered here to the hospital is an added bonus,” said Martin.

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