Intrastate Pest Control says there is one major factor causing pest problems

Intrastate Pest Control

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -People are not the only ones who enjoy warmer weather. Mice, ants, roaches and other pests like to make an appearance this time of year.

The people at Intrastate Pest Control say there is one factor attracting bugs that’s completely out of your hands: “A lot of the problems are weather-driven. It’s tougher on the homeowner to do, but so much to prevent," owner Greg Wells said.

Getting rid of bugs is in his blood.

“Dad had built the business initially from the ground up by himself, and then I think I saw the potential to grow more,” Wells said.

Wells says he deals with it all: “Silverfish, rats, termite treatments, bed bug treatments. Pretty much anything that touches that world,” he said.

When the coronavirus pandemic started shuttering businesses across the world, Wells says he made adjustments to keep his staff and customers safe, including shifting primarily to exterior work.

“Technicians would have come by the office in the morning, and then at the end of the day they would have checked in. We stopped all of that," Wells said.

It’s not just the summer, Wells says bugs come in the fall too.

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