UVA students react to classes potentially resuming on grounds in the fall

UVA Students react to classes resuming on grounds in the fall

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – People are expressing mixed feelings about the future of classes at the University of Virginia. President Jim Ryan sent a letter to the university community informing students and the public about what to expect Thursday.

UVA leaders say the current intention is to start undergraduate classes on August 25.

“I think we should be resuming classes just because I think it’s taking a toll on a lot of people’s mental health,” Emily Mcclung, a student, said.

“I think it’s going to be really problematic,” Joie Asuquo, a student, said.

Some students say the announcement to potentially resume classes in the fall came as a shock.

“I was definitely surprised because I just heard some other schools around the country are going to be online for the fall like California, but I’m definitely excited,” Mcclung said.

Although students are happy to come back, others do not think it’s the right move and say it’s important to continue to wear personal protective equipment.

“UVA students are walking around with no masks, interacting with these vulnerable people I think and where I live on the corner there’s parties all the time,” Asuquo said.

UVA Spokesman Brian Coy says there will be many updates between now and when classes start. “This is the first step of probably many in terms of communications with the folks in the UVA community to let them know what they can expect in the fall. There are a series of assumptions we’re making about how things will go in august, but there will be a lot of more detailed and specific information."

Even though students will be on grounds, things will not feel quite the same.

“I just feel like student life will definitely be an adjustment especially with sporting events, football games, and basketball games," Mcclung said.

UVA is still planning to announce its final framework for the fall in June. Classes offered in-person will be available remotely.. since some students will not be able to return to grounds.

Classes will remain online all semester, as will classes that are taught by faculty with health concerns.

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