IKOR of Charlottesville is helping seniors make difficult life decisions

IKOR Charlottesville helping seniors

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A business in Albemarle County is helping seniors perform a series of daily tasks, and in these unprecedented times, still has to help them make some of the most difficult life decisions.

IKOR of Charlottesville aims to give seniors the resources to be able to age at home, or help navigate life at a senior living facility.

“We are all about pursuing a good condition of existence for seniors and individuals with disabilities,” IKOR of Charlottesville Managing Director Katie Caverly said.

Working with one of the most vulnerable communities means taking extra precautions: “Everybody is gloved up, masked up. Our nurses are also wearing, in addition to the masks, the face shields,” Caverly said.

Sometimes the company is appointed as conservator or guardian.

“It’s a huge decision when someone is declared incapacitated, and first of all, that’s a judicial decision only a judge can make,” Caverly said.

It means carrying the weight of making consequential decisions.

“You know their ability to decide what medicines they do and don’t take. They can’t sign a check anymore, they can’t make decisions about where they live,” Caverly said.

Caverly says that significance is not lost on the employees.

“There is always at least one staff meeting a month where there are tears or expressions of angst about a decision that is in front of us as somebody’s guardian,” the director said.

Caverly said she spent most of her adult life working for large corporations, but hit a certain point when she wanted to do more than make money. She wanted to make a difference.

“I wanted to leave this world knowing that it was just a smidge better for what I did,” she said.

Caverly also recently started IKOR Transport, a transportation company, geared towards getting seniors safely to various destinations.

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