“It’s a miracle” says owner of unexpected twin foal, Tiny, that has defied the odds

“It’s a miracle” says owner of unexpected twin foal, Tiny, that has defied the odds

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - During all of the coronavirus chaos, one little surprise is warming the hearts of those in Central Virginia and horse-lovers nationwide: His name is Tiny, the twin foal.

It’s not every day that a horse gives birth in your backyard, and especially not to twins.

“I saw something else coming out of her which was a huge shock," Tiny’s Owner Sarah Warmack, who owns Alva Glen Sporthorses, said. "There was this little rack of bones and it was breathing and it was trying to get out.”

When Warmack realized her mare was giving birth to two baby foals at once, she was terrified. It is extremely risky for a mare to give birth to twins, for both the mother and children. At one point, she feared Tiny would have to be euthanized.

“We’ve done everything that we can to keep him alive,” Warmack said.

Even through countless obstacles, Tiny persevered. Sadly, he met another hurdle when his own mother rejected him when he could not keep up with her and his twin brother, Oxford.

“She doesn’t want him really near her and she’ll pin her ears at him and so it’s a little bit dangerous to try to put them together,” Warmack said.

Luckily, Tiny is popular on the farm. He enjoys horsing around with his barnyard friends, including his buddy Duncan, the goat.

“From day one, he was really special, everyone really liked him,” Chernish said.

It’s not just on the farm, Tiny has quite the fan base on Facebook. Everyone says he is a light during this dark time of isolation.

“He definitely is just a joy," another helper Robin Kelly said. "To open up your phone if you’re having a bad day and frustrated with changes at work, you just see this little spunky guy.”

If all goes well, Tiny will grow up to be just a regular horse. Although his barn name is Tiny, Warmack thinks that his show name will be optimistic because of his incredible will to live.

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