Greene Co. Sheriff’s Office seeking land for firing range

Greene Co. Sheriff’s Office seeking land for firing range
Greene County Sheriff's Office (Source: WVIR)

GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is looking for its own firing range, and asking for the public’s help.

Sheriff Steve Smith says the office has needed a firing range for more than a decade.

“Madison County is generous enough to let us use their range. We’ve used different ones before, and we just don’t know when that will come to an end. And we just need something that is stable and that we will always have access to,” the sheriff said.

The search is on for about four to seven acres that be zoned for firearm use with not a lot of structures around it. The sheriff’s office hopes someone will donate the land, or sell it at a discount.

In addition to training law enforcement, Sheriff Smith says the range would also be used for firearm safety courses for the community.

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05/21/2020 Release from Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith:

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has been in desperate need of a firing range. The sheriff’s office has been without a range for quite some time now.

At this, time we have had the privilege of using Madison Counties range, which we are very appreciative but we never know when that option may not be available.

We are mandated to qualify with pistols, rifles and shotguns at least once a year. Besides all deputies qualifying our tact team trains once a month. This range will also serve as a training facility for deputies to train citizens on firearm safety and help them in getting their conceal weapon permit.

With the current economic situation, it does not appear that the county will be in any position to provide funding. I am reaching out to the public and asking for your help. Such as private donations to be used to purchase property and build a much, needed range for the sheriff’s office.

If someone has four or five acres that they want to sell or donate please let me know. Once we have sufficient funds, we will seek the assistance of a realtor for this project, and work with the county for assistance and guidance. Land will have to meet county zoning and requirements.

Any and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you