Stellar Remodeling and Design changing practices due to pandemic

Stellar Remodeling changing practices due to pandemic

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - At a time when doing services in a home is tougher, a remodeling and design company in Albemarle County is changing course to stay open.

Stellar Remodeling and Design is giving people that extra source of comfort while they’re stuck at home during quarantine. From knocking down walls to changing plumbing, the company does a host of projects.

“Faucet fixtures, sinks, granite, tile, cabinetry, glass, so just the basics of a bathroom or kitchen,” Stellar Remodeling President and CEO Nancy Bosket said.

As with nearly every company, the pandemic has changed how Stellar Remodeling conducts its work.

“We used to have a walk-in business before this, you know, we’d have people walk in, but now basically it’s appointment only and and or they contact us over the phone,” Bosket said.

Remodeling a home is not always optional. Bosket says last year her team had to redo a home that had been partially destroyed by a tree.

Fortunately, they are not doing as much inside these days and when they do enter a home, they take precautions.

“It’s a little concerning of course because you know, it is what it is. On the other hand, we do wear masks, we use hand sanitizers and we have gloves,” Project Facilitator Rodney Fleisher said.

There are clients who know exactly what they want in a remodel and others who don’t. Fleisher says both types are joyous to work with.

“Making sure they’re comfortable with the situation as it is, doing the measurements, which has always been part of the job,” he said.

The team remodels with passion.

“We love the satisfaction of people, you know, coming to us in their bathroom or kitchen that they’ve dealt with for year and years they’re just fed up. And especially now they’re living in that space and they’re like we need help,” Bosket said.

Although Virginia is currently in phase 1 of reopening, the company says it plan to continue operating as is for a bit.

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