Charlottesville nonprofit creates, distributes “Bags of Hope” to support mental health during pandemic

Charlottesville nonprofit creates, distributes “Bags of Hope” to support mental health during pandemic
Bags of Hope from Brave Souls on Fire. (Source: wvir)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - One Charlottesville-area nonprofit is trying to make living in the pandemic during Mental Health Awareness Month a little easier with Bags of Hope.

Mental health nonprofit Braves Souls on Fire is distributing 300 Bags of Hope. They include items like masks, activities, snacks, and other items for self-care and de-stressing.

Creators of Bags of Hope say they believe if COVID-19 can spread fast and wide, so can hope. Community volunteers and the Charlottesville Police Department are distributing the bags all this month.

05/19/2020 Brave Souls on Fire Press Release:

Charlottesville, Virginia –May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Brave Souls on Fire, a local mental health non-profit will be distributing 300 Bags of Hope to members of the community throughout the month to support mental health during this time.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has truly forced many unexpected changes to our lives that has greatly affected overall mental health and wellness. COVID 19 has added financial stress, physical isolation, altered daily routines, added fear, grief, loneliness, and uncertainty of the future. For some individuals it has caused mental health symptoms to worsen. Bags of Hope are anti-stress bags created specifically for individuals who are mentally struggling during this Pandemic”

Bags of Hope are filled with items that cultivate hope, resilience, distraction, and self-care. Each Bag of Hope has a mask, stress ball, journal, fidget gadgets, play dough, tea, snacks, gum, candy, handouts created by local clinicians on self-care, adult coloring sheets and word searches, affirmations, humor, and a list of home activity suggestions and local resources.

“I was inspired to create Bags of Hope because I know what its like to mentally struggle. I believe if COVID 19 can spread fast and wide, so can HOPE” Those who are mentally struggling in our community deserve to feel supported”

Community volunteers will distribute Bags of Hope, along with the Charlottesville Police Department. Bags of Hope are made possible by a grant from Community Emergency Respond Fund of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

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