Albemarle County school superintendent helps deliver meals to students

Albemarle County school superintendent helps deliver meals to students

ALBEMARLE COUNTY Va. (WVIR) - The superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools is getting creative when it comes to connecting with his students while schools remain closed because of coronavirus.

“I just felt like it was time that I re-engaged with something that I used to really love to do, which was get out and drive a bus. It was a way to spend time with students,” Superintendent Matt Haas said.

Matt Haas got certified to drive buses more than 20 years ago but has been brushing up on skills in hopes of reconnecting with his students. Haas used to drive school buses to make more money while he was a teacher and to help drive the students he used to coach to athletic events.

"The further removed you are from the classroom and you're not a teacher anymore and you don't do the same fun things you used to do," Haas said.

Tuesday Haas got the chance to put those skills to the test, he teamed up with the nutrition department to deliver meals as part of the county’s meal distribution program.

“It actually has come together really nicely. You get to know the kids, the kids get to know you, it’s nice. I think they miss school, a lot of them will tell you that, I think seeing the school bus helps,” Child Nutritionist Kara Redman said.

Redman helps distribute meals every day. She says there is a growing need for food in the county.

“You see a lot of kids that are hungry and they are so exciting because we switch up different things everyday, hot, cold and you know what? The kids love it and they get excited when it’s here so it just makes you feel good,” Redman said.

Haas says the program is one of many ways the county is working to stay close with students even through hard times.

“They have all their greetings with the bus drivers and the food service workers and that’s a big component to it as well it is helping us stay connected, and people just feel better,” Haas said.

Albemarle County Public Schools have extended their meal distribution program until June 30.

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