Charlottesville pet supply store getting treats ready for National Pizza Party Day

Animal Connection offering free pizzas to pets

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Friday is National Pizza Party Day, and a pet supply store in Charlottesville is getting ready to celebrate.

Humans are not the only ones who love a slice of pizza, and the team at Animal Connection is giving the treats away to our furry friends.

Animal Connection started in 2003 when Pattie Zeller’s dog developed cancer.

“I changed the diet, I learned how to use raw food and do things more holistically, and found that there was a need in Charlottesville to create that kind of environment.” Zeller said.

Zeller said the lessons have been plentiful.

“Allergies and skin conditions can really be resolved a lot of times with changing the diet and eating better food, so that’s probably one of the biggest things we’ve learned,” she said.

Speaking of better food, the Animal Connection owner is giving away a beloved dish, but this one is for the dogs.

“They are real slices of pizza. We made a sort of a basic cookie out of some rye flour, which is a healthy, sturdy type of flour, organic tomato sauce, crispy bacon, mozzarella cheese. You know, all of these organic, responsibly-raised products,” Zeller said.

No reason to be jealous of your pet, there is a chance for you to get pizza, too.

“We’re also going to give away a pizza dinner for your family for four people from our buddies over at Belmont Pizza,” Zeller said.

It is more than celebrating National Pizza Party Day: “Anything we can do to create some levity and some entertainment, as well as use some healthy pet products in the process is great," Zeller said.

The owner also says she’s likely to continue celebrating other national days like this as a fun way to bring a sense of normality to life right now.

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