Trio of African American professionals create children’s book about COVID-19

Trio of African American professionals create children’s book about COVID-19
"We're Going to be O.K." is a book about teaching children about Covid-19. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A trio of African American professionals, including two doctors from the University of Virginia, decided to create a children’s book dedicated to the vulnerability of children of color during the pandemic.

“I think that the enemy of fear is information," Dr. Ebony Hilton said.

The book is about little Parker, a young African American boy who is trying to navigate the new normal of staying home from school because of Coronavirus. The book includes tips and advice on how to stay safe, healthy, and optimistic during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“How do you try to stay social? Share the good work that you’re doing? While maintaining a safe distance away from other people so that you don’t get sick,” Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb said. “Little Parker does that really well in the book, but I think the overall message is little things can make such a big impact.”

Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb, Dr. Ebony Hilton, and illustrator Ashleigh Corrin Webb are nationally recognized for the book. They felt it was the best way to reach out to children to keep them safe.

“We know that health literacy is important for longevity so we try in this book to literally talk about Covid-19 from scientific point," Dr. Hilton said. "It literally says, this is what Covid-19 means. This is what this virus looks like. This is where it’s now taking us as far as day-to-day living, but I think the impact that I hope it has is that it engages children early to be curious about science that hopefully this makes some scientists and doctors for the future.”

The book “We’re Going to be O.K.” includes a series of printable pages which is free to the public.

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