Albemarle County dog training company offers virtual classes to survive COVID-19

Canine Campus
Published: May. 13, 2020 at 10:52 PM EDT
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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – An Albemarle County dog training company has come up with a way to survive the impacts of the coronavirus. Canine Campus has taken training online to keep business afloat and keep workers employed.

Despite the impacts of COVID-19, the owner came up with a way to make sure her employees still got a paycheck and were still able to keep their benefits by providing online classes to dog owners. The coronavirus has made things challenging, especially for small businesses like Canine Campus, but owner Devon Gaston is keeping her doors open one bark at a time.

"Incorporating video training, changing our procedures for when people do come to the space, those things have made a huge difference,” said Gaston.

Dog training is now held online via Zoom. Owners can follow along with the demo and then also have some time to practice the skills.

“I’ve got a slide presentation that basically lays out the exercise we’re going to do, the steps to it, then there is a video of one of the trainers or myself actually doing that with a dog and then back to the steps,” Gaston said. “Other new services that have been added too, including puppy socialization during daycare, and day training both in and outside of camp with videos."

Gaston says none of this would be successful without her customers. “My clients made all of this possible, they’ve been so supportive and supportive not just financially, but many of my clients have chosen to take a break from camp and to truly self-isolate, still chose to pay for their spot."

The owner says a lot of clients really do like the online services and she will continue to help them work remotely.

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