Piedmont Master Gardeners launch new online service to provide more resources during pandemic

Piedmont Master Gardeners is offering a new online service to help answer gardening questions...
Piedmont Master Gardeners is offering a new online service to help answer gardening questions during the pandemic.(WVIR)
Updated: Apr. 29, 2020 at 10:40 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Spring has sprung and Piedmont Master Gardeners is upping its services in response to increased gardening interest during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group has launched a new online resource called, “Ask a Master Gardener” to answer frequently asked questions about gardening in central Virginia. The questions will be posted biweekly on the group’s website and Facebook page, along with supporting links to science-based information.

“The nurseries are going crazy with the demand,” Piedmont Master Gardener Beverly Thierwechter said. “There are so many questions that come up on a regular basis from homeowners through the Horticultural Help Desk and in our other venues and events, and we thought it would be useful to put [out] some of that information.”

The group has canceled its spring plant sale, which is its biggest fundraiser; however it’s hoping to reschedule it for the fall.

If you have a gardening-related question, the group’s Horticulture Help Desk can be reached at 434-872-4583 or at

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Piedmont Maser Gardeners Media Release:

Ask a Master Gardener New Online Resource Provides Answers to Home Gardening FAQs

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA , April 22, 2020—The Piedmont Master Gardeners have launched “Ask a Master Gardener,” a new online resource that answers frequently asked questions about gardening in Central Virginia. Every two weeks, PMG will post a new question on its website and Facebook page and will provide a detailed answer with links to additional science-based information.

“Our goal is to offer an easily accessible resource that helps home gardeners improve their skills and adopt best practices,” said Bev Thierwechter, who spearheads the project. “And it’s available to everyone. It’s not necessary to have a Facebook account to view our postings.”

The regular posts will be based on the kinds of questions Master Gardeners receive most often from the public, including calls to Virginia Cooperative Extension’s (VCE’s) Horticulture Help Desk, which is staffed by Master Gardener volunteers in coordination with VCE. For example, the first post deals with beneficial insects, such as predators and parasitoids that feed on pests, decomposers that break down organic matter and pollinators that are critical to the reproduction of flowering plants and food crops. The post explains how to attract beneficial insects to the garden and cautions that insecticides can kill both helpful and harmful species.

To view this feature, visit or /AlbemarleCharlottesvillePMGs/posts/. The Horticulture Help Desk can be reached at 434-872-4583 or at