Auto experts in central Virginia offer advice for car maintenance during the coronavirus shutdown

Auto experts in central Virginia offer advice for cars during coronavirus shutdown

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With the statewide lockdown still in effect, fewer people are going to work, or out for any daily business. There are a couple of steps you can take to make your car is still working just as well once the coronavirus shutdown comes to an end.

One of the simplest solutions can be just taking your car for a drive, according to Todd Archer of Bob’s Wheel Alignment in Charlottesville.

“Start it periodically, maybe let it run, maybe take a - you know - a little drive around the block, something of that nature,” said Archer.

Keeping your car inside a garage can also provide a layer of protection from rodents who may try to get inside and cause damage to wires according to Chris Snead of Airport Road Auto Center Tire Pros.

“Living out here in the wooded area of Albemarle County, squirrels, mice, any sort of rodent may be looking for a home,” said Snead. “A lot of your wires and hoses that are on your car are actually coated with a soy material.”

Using a fuel stabilizer can also be helpful if you know you won’t be driving your car at all soon, according to Sneed.

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