UVA student-athletes enjoying home cookin’ while away from school

From jambalaya, to steak and potatoes, to fried chicken, many UVA student-athletes are enjoying some home cookin’ while away from school.

UVA student-athletes enjoying home cookin’ while away from school
UVA senior linebacker Charles Snowden (Source: wvir)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - When the NCAA canceled the spring sports season, and UVA went to online classes only, it gave Cavalier student-athletes the chance to return home, and spend time with their families.

It also meant: Home Cookin.'

And they've all got their favorites.

“I think my mom’s jambalaya,” says senior forward Sam Hauser, who is home in Stevens Point, WI.

Senior linebacker Charles Snowden is home in Silver Spring, MD. “We had steak the other night, she knows I love steak,” says Snowden.

“That’s always my favorite," says sophomore quarterback Brennan Armstrong, who is home in Shelby, Ohio. "If anybody asks me what my favorite food is, it’s steak.”

“Alfredo pasta,” added Snowden.

Armstrong says, “We had steak and potatoes.”

“Fried chicken. Mac and cheese. Green beans," continued Snowden. "I got to give it to her, my mom has done a heck of a job.”

Armstrong says, “She’s been doing a good job switching it up every night, so it’s not too repetitive.”

“When she cooks, it doesn’t last that long," says Snowden, "because there’s five mouths to feed in this house, and we’re always snackin.'”

And for a guy like Charles Snowden, ‘Snackin’ is part of his training.

Snowden says, “We still have to text our strength coach one a week what our weight is. I personally don’t have a strict diet. No weight is kind of ‘bad weight’ for me right now, but it’s definitely a bit of a challenge.”

Not everyone had the opportunity to go home.

UVA senior jumper Jordan Scott says, “I wanted to go home, but my mother really didn’t like the idea of me traveling any more than I needed to, and they they implemented a two-week travel ban on Jamaica, where no on can enter. So I’m here is Charlottesville, and I’ll probably just stay until the end of the semester.”

But for the guys still in town, there was one happy surprise.

“They changed the game up," says UVA senior quarterback Bryce Perkins. "Bodo’s done changed the game up with that drive-thru.”

Senior cornerback Bryce Hall says, “I would prefer to go somewhere where I can get to a drive-thru, so I feel like they’re making moves, and it’s only going to go up from here.”

Perkins added, “Every home game, Bodo’s was my snack before I went to McCue, so they got a lifelong customer out of me.”

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