Hasise Dubois & Joe Reed looking for memorable moments to continue in NFL Draft

UVA receivers Hasise Dubois and Joe Reed are hoping to cap off a memorable senior season with a selection in the NFL Draft.

Hasise Dubois & Joe Reed looking for memorable moments to continue in NFL Draft
Hasise Dubois signals for a first down in the ACC Championship Game. (Source: wvir)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia receivers Joe Reed and Hasise Dubois made a lot of catches during the 2019 season

Reed had 77.

Dubois had 75.

Those are the second and third most in a single season in program history, and between the two of them, picking a favorite catch was no easy task.

Dubois said, “I think my favorite catch of the year was my one-handed catch they called ‘out of bounds,’ but I think I was inbounds.”

“Over the Notre Dame catch?” Reed asked, incredulously.

Dubois said, “Alright, so it’s the best out of three: The Notre Dame catch, the one-handed Duke catch, or the catch over the two Clemson defenders at the same time.”

Reed said, “I think, my third quarter catch against Tech, we were kind of struggling to score, this was right before Billy Kemp IV scored. I think we went three or four drives, kind of in the same position. I ran a corner route, and that’s probably my most memorable catch from this year.”

There were so many memorable catches, Dubois’ catch in the back of the endzone against Florida in the Orange Bowl, which Cavalier fans voted as the runner-up for the Play of the Year, didn’t even get a mention.

The receivers will both be looking to hear their name called in the NFL Draft this week.

Reed supplements his skill-set with a supernatural ability to return kickoffs for touchdowns, two this season, and five in his career.

Dubois showcased the best hands in the country, as the senior was the only player in the nation to have no dropped passes this year.

“It was hard," says Dubois. "It was fun, as well. Just seeing the way I played in the game, reflected how I played in practice. I feel as though all my drops came in practice, and I maximized all the opportunities I had in the game.”

Dubois is projected as a Day Three guy in the Draft, while Reed is going anywhere from the Third Round to the Sixth.

Reed says, "It’s really hard to say right now. It really comes down to what team wants to take a chance, and the needs of different teams, when draft day comes.”

The NFL Draft begins on Thursday, and runs through Saturday.

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