UVA football staff coaching ‘Hoos from afar

UVA football staff coaching ‘Hoos from afar

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The conversation about America having a football season remains indefinite, like most things right now. Virginia football coaches are not permitted to monitor the Cavaliers workouts and are unable to receive feedback on the players.

Coaches at Virginia are totally dependent on the culture and what UVA Football stands for to leave it up to the players and do what the coaches need the 'Hoos to do in terms of getting what the coaches want to be done, which is hard work.

The goal for Virginia as a team during the pandemic is to keep the same mentality they had before the coronavirus outbreak.

“From anything from grabbing a tree branch to doing pull-ups, push-ups, running and sit-ups on a chair and things like that,” Special Teams Coordinator for the Virginia Cavaliers Ricky Brumfield said. “Our guys have been showing an undeniable willingness to want to get better.”

This is a new territory in 33 years in the college football business nothing has ever come close to this," Offensive Coordinator for the Virginia Cavaliers Robert Anae said. “Right now, it’s pretty much the guys are on their own to develop themselves and like I said this is uncharted territory."

“Were using every means of technology just like everybody else,” Defensive Coordinator for the Virginia Cavaliers Nick Howell said. “Zoon has obviously become a critical piece Coach Griswod has the team divided up into different units and the team is reporting responding to team leadership.”

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall has designed a schematic program to give the coordinators where the Wahoos are set up to not miss a beat when it comes to football.

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