Louisa couple tests positive for COVID-19 after picking up loved one from long-term care center

A Louisa County family can't seem to escape the virus.
A Louisa County family can't seem to escape the virus.(Lisa Hix-Bowling)
Updated: Apr. 13, 2020 at 11:32 PM EDT
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LOUISA Co., Va. (WWBT) - After a Louisa County family pulled their loved one out Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Henrico at the height of the outbreak, the 68-year-old still tested positive. Now, the couple who went to pick up their loved one has coronavirus too.

It’s an unexpected chapter in a story they wish wasn’t theirs.

"I just wish we would've been informed so we could've been better prepared,” Lisa Hix-Bowling said.

She heard about what was happening at Canterbury - a long term care facility where 42 residents have now died from coronavirus - and rushed to get her 68-year-old mother, Barbara, out of there.

"All of her stuff got put into my vehicle. I brought all of her stuff into my home. It was that environment where all that stuff was, the COVID-19,” she explained.

The Canterbury resident wasn't showing any symptoms but after she came home, medical crews confirmed the infection.

Hix-Bowling and her husband Donald didn’t expect what would happen next.

“Had a slight cough and I’d lost my sense of smell and my husband did too. That’s why we did go get tested,” Hix-Bowling said.

Friday, a doctor told them they have coronavirus too.

"I was very upset and worried about me specifically when I did get my test results back because I have other health issues also…He can't work now so that's an issue,” Hix-Bowling added.

They’re trying to stay strong, especially since they believe they did the right thing, in bringing Barbara home.

"It’s very tiring trying to take care and help momma now since she’s not walking really well. She hasn’t been able to receive any rehab here…But I wouldn’t have it any other way with her here,” she said.

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