Jefferson District schools holding virtual Senior Nights & Signing Ceremonies

The Jefferson District will be holding virtual Senior Nights and Signing Ceremonies to try and keep a sense of normalcy for their student-athletes.

Jefferson District schools holding virtual Senior Nights & Signing Ceremonies

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on sports across the globe.

From the Big Leagues, to Little League.

High School and college, they’ve all been affected.

Monticello Athletic Director Matthew Pearman says the schools of the Jefferson District are making sure they hold on to tradition, as best they can.

“Life is anything but normal right now," says Pearman, "but to be able to use athletics, even in the absence of the actual games, to bring a sense of normalcy to our seniors, to their families, to our teams, is a great thing.”

The seven schools of the JD will be putting on virtual Senior Night ceremonies for spring sport student-athletes next month.

Pearman says, “We are working together to say, hey, this is when Senior Nights happen. So we’re going to give our seniors their Senior Night at the right time of year. The same time it would have been had we been playing the games throughout the spring. They’re still going to have their Senior Night. For us to be able to come together and recognize our seniors, to help build anticipation in a positive manner, it’s really been wonderful.”

In addition to the Senior Recognition, they will be doing virtual Signing Day ceremonies, though Pearman says the exact presentation for the events may vary from school to school.

“I’ve got some people locally who have reached out to me," says Pearman, "alumni of Monticelllo High School, have reached out to be and said ‘Hey, how can I help? How can we help make this nice?’ I’m sure that’s going on in each of respective communities.”

Pearman says the best thing they can do is continue to look forward, and plan for the future.

“If this stuff lifts, trust me, September 4th, 2020, that’s circled on our calendar," says Pearman. "That’s our first home game. We got the Culpeper Blue Devils coming to town. We would love to be able to turn a night like that into such a community event, to welcome everybody back, and welcome everyone back together.”

The Signing Day ceremonies are scheduled to begin the week of April 27th, with Senior Night recognition starting on May 11th.

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