Postion changes a possibility for former UVA football players in NFL Draft

Cavaliers’ quarterback Bryce Perkins and wide receiver Joe Reed have both faced questions about a position change before the NFL Draft.

Postion changes a possibility for former UVA football players in NFL Draft
Bryce Perkins and Joe Reed walk off the field after the Orange Bowl. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Virginia football team probably won’t have any players picked in the first round of the NFL Draft, but they could see a number selected in the remaining six rounds.

However, it might not be at the same position they played in college.

“Different teams have different ideas on how to use me," says UVA wide receiver Joe Reed. "All of my meeting have been about playing slot, or playing running back.”

Joe Reed finished his career with 1,465-yards receiving.

He had 172-yards rushing, and has only run the ball eleven times since his sophomore season, .but that hasn’t stopped NFL teams from considering a position change.

“I’m kind of in a weird position," says Reed. "It really depends on what a team wants, and what a team seems in me. All my facetime interviews have been different. Some have been with the running back coaches. Some with the receiver coaches. Some with the special teams coaches. It’s really hard to say right now. It really comes down to what team wants to take a chance, and the needs of different teams when draft day comes.”

Bryce Perkins says he’d be open to playing a position other than quarterback, in the right situation, but staying at QB is Plan A.

“I can play quarterback," says Perkins, "and I can play quarterback at a high level, I believe, in the NFL, and be a premier player. If I had to (switch positions) to make a 53-man roster, I know I would, but playing quarterback is the first option, and I know I can be, and I will be, a great quarterback for someone in the league.”

Perkins says he fits the new prototype for what NFL teams are looking for.

“Lamar Jackson came in and opened it wide up, and with what Taysom Hill is doing, that opened another position up for quarterbacks who are athletic, and can make plays," says Perkins. "With those two, and many more, there are so many quarterbacks who are mobile now, and you have to be, at least a little bit, to make it in this league.”

Reed’s ability as a kick returner gives him yet another option for playing time.

“As a rookie, special teams are important, and that’s just the way it is,” says Reed. "It’s always great to be the #1 or #2 (receiver), but sometimes to get your foot in the door you have to play special teams. I’ve been gifted with the ability to return kicks, and that’s something that I’ll definitely be able to do in the future.

Joe Reed is UVA’s all-time leader in kickoff return yardage (3,042), and he returned a program-record five kicks for touchdowns.

Reed is one of just ten players in FBS history with more than 3,000 kick return yards in a career.

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