Naborforce spreads ‘Kindnessgrams’ during coronavirus outbreak

Naborforce spreads ‘Kindnessgrams’ during coronavirus outbreak

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Naborforce, an on-demand caregiver service, normally sends assistance for people who need it for just a few hours. However, they have shut down all in-person visits because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now, the people who were part of the company’s gig economy are trying to keep up with former clients through “Kindnessgrams.” They are dropping off slips of paper with options for people to check off, if they need help getting groceries or just a phone call so they don’t feel lonely.

Paige Wilson, who started Naborforce two years ago, says the company made the decision to stop in-person visits early in March.

“We realized that, you know, it was heartbreaking, but we had to stop in-person visits with our clients,” said Wilson. “We just cannot introduce them to the risk, obviously, and so, from a corporate standpoint, obviously that has a huge impact.”

Robin Kaczka, who was a neighborhood lead with Naborforce, is now volunteering to help her neighbors rather than being financially compensated for her work.

“I’m really proud and impressed by the care and concern that all of our neighbors bring, because they not only step up and say, ‘Yes, I’m going to come in and help people’,” Kaczka said. “I mean, I’m willing to do the little bit of work and provide companionship for people who are older, or not even necessarily a whole lot older than us, but just need ... an extra hand.”

If you are interested in dropping off a Kindnessgram to someone, you can download the form here.

Naborforce is still offering some of its services like grocery and pharmacy delivery, for a fee, for those who are not able to go out.

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