Two-sport athlete from AHS looks for positives in pandemic

Two-sport athlete from AHS looks for positives in pandemic

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Courtney Elhart is a sophomore at Albemarle High School. She is one of the teens in the area who are having to adjust to virtual school.

“Trying to keep on schedule because that’s the way school doing that at home I think is the most important thing to do,” Elhart said. “Most of my teachers have given me emails and they post on Schoology. I think that’s really important because it’s an unprecedented time, but we have an impressive amount of communication that we can use.”

In some cases like the Elhart family’s, the pandemic has created more quality time to spend together.

“For us our family in particular and again me who generally doesn’t get to spend the entire week at home with my family, it’s actually been refreshing to have more free time,” Brad Elhart, Courtney’s father, said.

Courtney is a two-sport athlete. She had both of her seasons cut short, but she’s using that free time to create new ideas to stay active for synchronized swimming and lacrosse. The 15-year-old took the initiative to create an Instagram.

“You can just go onto page our Instagram page and turn on the notifications for just posts,” Courtney said. “Every time the 'swans quaranteam’ makes a post, you can see and you can keep in touch with the workouts."

Luckily the sophomore is able to play sports for two more years, but she feels for her teammates who were in the last season of their career.

“My heart goes out to them,” Courtney said. “This is just so devastating because they’ve had so much high hopes for this season. I mean juniors being selected and seniors living for all their glory like their last years.”

It is unfortunate, however, the Elhart family is reminded that throughout the pandemic, sports is just a small part of what’s happening in the world.

“For those that are fortunate enough to have an environment conducive for them to do that, yes this is a gift,” Brad said. “Again be remiss, there are some that are not that fortunate who are worrying about where their next meal is going to come from or far more serious things at the moment than what we’re having to deal with.”

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