Restaurants offering to-go wine and beer takeout, delivery options

to-go alcohol

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has directed Virginia ABC to allow restaurants to sell wine and beer for takeout and delivery during this coronavirus outbreak. The act is tremendously helping Charlottesville restaurants keep their doors open.

Mas Tapas in the Belmont Neighborhood and Ten Sushi on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall are just two of the many places that are selling to-go wine and beer. They are also offering special deals and rates.

“More affordable than what we would normally do as we’re doing with our food offerings right now. We are trying price sensitivity since we realize is important. We’re just trying to provide some good value with our takeout options,” Jonathan Drolshagen, with Ten Sushi, said.

For a full list of restaurants that are doing take-out, delivery options, or to-go alcohol options click here.

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