Pants optional? Walmart has more sales of tops, not bottoms in new work-from-home era

(CNN/Gray News) - With so many people adapting to working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, Walmart said it is seeing an interesting new trend.

A Walmart spokesman told CNN people are buying tops, but not bottoms.

This comes as millions of workers have traded their business attire for more comfortable wear because of where they are working.

There is still videoconferencing, where you still want to look presentable in front of your colleagues. A nice shirt is just more likely to be accompanied by sweatpants, yoga pants or basketball shorts.

More employers have already adopted a more relaxed dress code before people started working from home in droves. A 2019 Randstad survey showed a combined 79 percent of people reported that their employers’ dress code policy is either business casual, casual or no dress code at all.

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