Albemarle Co. family “chalks up” positivity to being outside during COVID-19

Albemarle Co. family “chalks up” positivity to being outside during COVID-19
A message of positivity on an Albemarle County sidewalk. (Source: wvir)

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Some Albemarle County mothers are helping to make sure people out for a walk have something positive to think about.

Lisa Peregoy and Jess Shifflett decided to use chalk to write messages of positivity on the sidewalk in their neighborhood. The mothers say that, as teachers, they often try to spread a positive message in their classrooms. They decided to try to spread the same positivity, even with schools closed for the remainder of the academic year.

“We thought of taking that same idea and putting it on messages on the sidewalk as people are walking might bring a smile to their face,” Peregoy said.

Shifflett says she was happy to find a way to interact with people, while adhering to guidance about socially distancing.

“I was excited just to have something to do outside, and that might actually bring a smile to somebody else’s face,” Shifflett said, “You know, being teachers that’s kind of what your drive is. So, we can’t really deal with our students right now, with our neighbors right now, but you can still shine your light.”

The family, including their daughter, Grayson Lawson say they hope to continue to find ways to spread joy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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