Charlottesville pharmacies roll out curbside prescription pick-up and delivery

Charlottesville Pharmacies making changes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Since pharmacies are considered essential during the pandemic, they will stay open. However, a trip to the pharmacy can be dangerous for elderly and immunocompromised people.

Charlottesville pharmacies including Timberlake’s Drug Store and Top Notch Family Pharmacy are open and finding new ways to protect people from the virus by providing prescription curbside pick-up and delivery options.

“We’re trying to keep business as normal as possible just to reassure our patients we’re not going anywhere,” said Top Notch Family Pharmacist, Terrell Mellen. "We have tape on the ground to keep people six feet apart. We’re sanitizing constantly, encouraging people that if they have immunocompromised conditions or are elderly, we can do curbside delivery or we can deliver to their homes.”

The addition of delivery options is a huge step in practicing social distance. “We’ve also expanded our delivery area so we are doing more deliveries to people’s homes than usual, and there is actually less foot traffic in here which is good," said Mellen.

Timberlake’s and Top Notch pharmacies want to reassure people that even though this situation is frightening and uncertain, there is no need to overstock.

“Just letting them know that just right now the recommendation is just to have about a month on hand of medications so they don’t need to stockpile. We have everything in stock,” said Mellen.

“If people don’t get their medicine they’re going to have worse problems than the virus," added Timberlake’s Pharmacist David Plantz. "Pharmacies and grocery stores want to stay open regardless of how this goes down so I don’t think they have to worry about their medicines particularly.”

The pharmacists themselves are also trying to keep a positive attitude. “Everybody’s just trying to stay upbeat, of course, everybody’s a little bit nervous but just reassuring everyone that we’re doing what we can to protect ourselves and the community,” said Mellen.

Top Notch says they recommend that people call ahead for their medications to prevent too many people waiting in line in the pharmacy.

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