Gyms in Charlottesville take safety precautions for COVID-19

Gyms in Charlottesville take safety precautions for COVID-19

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Some gyms including ACAC have decided to temporarily close due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

″We have been following the guidelines of state, and local officials with the safety of our members, says VP of Marketing Susan Johnson. “We have concluded that the time has come to temporarily close...Updates will be posted on our website at”

Piedmont YMCA is also closing all central Virginia facilities starting Tuesday. However, it is providing virtual fitness resources for members.

Other gyms in Charlottesville are choosing to stay open.

“We have in the bathrooms on the front door,” says owner of Anytime Fitness in Charlottesville Kevin Pleasants. “We have a you know we have signs up in a basely give them information what they should do wiping off the equipment before they use it after the use it like I told you were on a two hour cleaning up make sure of these clean.”

At anytime fitness Pleasants and his staff are following state and local guidelines, but want they’re members to have the opportunity to still workout.

“We want to have a we want to keep this open for our members,” says Pleasants. "This is the best health taking care of yourself, keeping your immune system up, and we also want to be considering of their health and make sure it’s clean.

Tread Happy decided to temporarily close for two weeks. Charlottesville is the first location Tread Happy opened, which leaves co-founder Claire Mitchell emotional.

“It’s really hard to sugarcoat this,” says Mitchell. “This is heartbreaking. This is heartbreaking, this is not something anyone could have ever anticipated or projected for, and I know a lot of individuals worked with us closely as we developed this from the ground up.”

Mitchell and her team are adjusting accordingly.

“In the meantime very short term we’re having coaches coach audio classes overlaid over our playlist and everything in our program is time to the music which is really fun,” says Mitchell. “The future now is a bit unsure something that obviously gives us anxiety but there is a lot of outpouring of support from the community our hope though is that.”

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