Virginia coaches mourn the loss of sports; what’s next?

Virginia coaches mourn the loss of sports; what’s next?
UVA head coaches from men's lacrosse, wrestling, baseball, and rowing speak on the cancellation of sports. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - While there are a lot of unanswered questions, what was clear on Friday was how emotional, even heartbreaking, this is for everyone involved.

“We know right now this is done,” UVA Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Lars Tiffany said. “This collective united culture that we’ve been working so hard with our cultural Thursdays and everything that we’re trying to do is done and so the shell shock was the initial emotion.”

“It was really a very very emotional locker room,” UVA Baseball Head Coach Brian O’Connor said about the news of baseball season being canceled. “When you have kids that have pour their hearts and souls into what they do and for it to become an abrupt end is tough.”

Mourning the loss of sports is painful. It is now it’s a matter of coping, explaining, and healing together.

“There’s going be a lot of time on the phone because guys are scattering at this point so I’m going spend a lot of time on the phone,” UVA Wrestling Head Coach Steve Garland said. “Trying to then unpack the what next and where do we go from here? Because my guys are planners, I want to make sure I help them process through the word next. That way they’re not stressing them out more than they have to.”

A big question with no answer at least yet is senior eligibility. Will those players get their championship dreams back or are they gone forever?

“If it isn’t on the table that they get this opportunity again and so for those student-athletes that missed out on their championship seasons and missed out on their entire spring season I would be in favor of taking a hard look at whether or not they should be receiving more eligibility whether or not it’s a full year I don’t know but I think that they should get this opportunity again," UVA Director of Athletic’s Carla Williams said.

UVA Athletics wants to protect the players to give them room to process all of this. It’ll probably be a week before we get a chance to talk to them.

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