Lions Together game gives students of all abilities a chance on the court

Lions Together game gives students of all abilities a chance on the court

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Athletes from Louisa and Greene County showed out on the court on Tuesday to prove that with a positive attitude, anyone can be the MVP.

Students, friends, and family at Louisa County High School packed the gym. The game provides an opportunity to those with special needs and adapted curricula to compete in an event that means so much more than just a game.

“Just to see their faces light up when they make a shot, even when they don’t make a shot,just to hear the crowd cheering for them, it’s amazing," Director of Pupil Personnel Services Dr. Carla Alpern said.

Students of all abilities get the chance to be at the center of the court with a cheering crowd, regardless of labels.

“The goal is to really just come into the gym and just say ‘hey you know, we’re at a high school basketball game, no labels;’ and for everyone just to really enjoy and have such an awesome time and be part of something, something so much more than just, you know, being a high school kid," Louisa County Adaptive P.E. Instructor Christina Mehrtens said.

This event is not mandatory for anyone to attend, yet hundreds of high school students flocked to the gym to support their peers.

“It’s phenomenal, I mean, this is actually the best they played to have the crowd cheering them on and that’s just a great feeling," Dr. Alpern said. " I mean it’s great to see the, all the students and the staff just really cheer them on and. And so that’s the part I look forward to the most is that whole team and then one family together really cheering each other on.”

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