Real estate property assessments underway in Albemarle County

Updated: Mar. 2, 2020 at 7:14 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - If you live in Albemarle County, you might see some unfamiliar people walking around your house with clipboards soon. Although it may seem strange, there is no need to worry.

Albemarle County is launching real estate property assessments to ensure property owners are being taxed fairly. Inspections are a regular part of this process as homeowners often make improvements to their properties as time passes.

The county wants to make sure that it has the most accurate information in its assessment data so that they are not wrongfully taxing property owners.

The inspection process will run from March through July, mostly in the rural areas of the county.

“If an inspector comes to your property, what they’ll do is they’ll knock on the door to say hello if you’re home,” says Albemarle County Director of Communications Emily Kilroy. “If not, they’ll just walk around the house and take a look and maybe make some notes. They will not seek to enter your home. They may have a couple of questions if you are home about any finished spaces.”

If you do feel like there is something suspicious happening during an inspection that you would like to report, Albemarle County encourages people to get in touch with the police department. They have a list of all the license plate numbers for vehicles associated with the inspectors.

03/02/2020 Press Release from Albemarle County:

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA - Albemarle County is working to increase the quality of real estate data for properties in the rural areas to improve the accuracy of assessments. These inspections are a normal part of the assessment process and occur on approximately 1/5 of properties annually. While these visits are primarily completed by county appraisal staff, Wingate Appraisal Services is working under a contract with Albemarle County to assist with property inspections in rural parts of Albemarle County, between March and July.

Onsite property inspections are an important part of the assessment process. They are needed to ensure that property information on-file with Albemarle County is accurate and up to date. The inspections are of the exterior of buildings on the property.

The individuals completing the assessments will have county IDs and be driving vehicles marked with signs that read "Real Estate Assessment - Wingate Appraisal Services". A letter explaining the inspection process on Albemarle County letterhead and signed by the County Assessor can be produced upon request. The inspectors will be knocking on doors to let the residents know that they are there, and in some cases ask specific questions about basement finish or other general details where needed. If the resident does not answer the door, the inspector will continue with their review of the exterior property. The inspectors' names and vehicles descriptions have been registered with the Albemarle County Police Department.

Residents should call the Albemarle County Police Department if they see any suspicious activity.

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