Charlottesville Planning Commission gets updates on projects around the city

Charlottesville Planning Commission gets updates on projects around the city

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Charlottesville Planning Commission is working on making improvements around the city. Planners gathered at a work session to discuss some major projects and get updates on where things stand.

The Cherry Avenue Small Area Plan and the Stribling Avenue Site Plan are just two projects under review. These projects are all part of an effort to make the city more efficient and inclusive.

“The 2013 Comprehensive Plan said that there are a variety of places that have special strategic importance to the city,” Lyle Sola-Yates, planning commissioner, said.

The Cherry Avenue corridor is one of those places. In 2016, the planning commission designated the corridor as the next small area plan. Some of the reasons are due to commuter traffic and large construction on both ends of the corridor.

“Cherry jumped out just because there are such opportunities, there is so much that we know can go, there’s so much desire, there’s been talk about a grocery store for I think 20 years, there’s been a lot of resident interest," Sola-Yates said.

Another avenue being evaluated is Stribling. Compared to Cherry, Stribling is lacking in many ways.

"The big difference between Stribling and Cherry is infrastructure. Cherry is pretty well built, we have a lot of good things there, we have parks, we have access to job services, it’s right next to the university,” Yates said.

Planners are hoping to get things moving soon when it comes to adding upgrades.

“Stribling a little farther away. No sidewalks, no transit, getting homes there, getting homes there, there’s a desire for getting homes there and benefits," Sola-Yates said.

Comments from the work session will be presented to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission in March. A public hearing will be held in spring for feedback on the updated plan.

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