The University of Virginia hosted its annual TEDx Conference Saturday afternoon

The University of Virginia hosted its TEDx Conference

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -The University of Virginia hosted a TEDx Conference inspired by Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The talks are independently organized discussions devoted to spreading ideas.

Students at the University of Virginia are hoping to turn the typical TEDx talk on its head. “We’re changing the conference this year from less of a speaker’s series to more of a conversation,” UVA TEDx Curator Wyatt Zetterberg says.

The project’s theme centers around Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. “We thought that there could be a really interesting conference centered around for every move towards progress is there also a regression?” Zetterberg says.

One speaker discussed the changing nature of the grocery industry.

“How it is really moving from traditional grocery to incorporate online and now some of the emerging classes of trade like the Aldi’s and Lidl which are referred to as hard discounters,” TEDx Presenter Bruce Montgomery stated.

While many might assume e-commerce giant Amazon has larger grocery sales than Walmart, Montgomery says that is not true.

“They’re selling about $187 billion in groceries last year alone, they’re not going to yield that ground easily. There’s only 3% of groceries bought online,” he says.

Montgomery discussed an issue only people buying online have to deal with...porch pirates.

“There was a study of people that shop online and over one-third of them said within the past year they’ve had a passage go missing or stolen,” Montgomery says.

Students also presented at the conference including one who discussed the importance of your name.

“Names are gifts and when you’re given a gift you can use it however you want and a name can be pronounced in whatever way you see fit,” TEDx Student Presenter Tsega Fisseha says.

The TEDx UVA conference is an annual entirely student-run event.

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