WAHS cheerleader won’t let anything stop her

WAHS cheerleader won’t let anything stop her

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Alyssa Farkas is a freshman cheerleader at Western Albemarle, but her day-to-day life isn’t like everyone else’s.

“The muscular dystrophy that she has is Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy," Angela Farkas, Alyssa’s mother, said. "It’s a slow-progressing form of muscular dystrophy. It starts in your face, your upper body, and then ultimately spreads down to your legs.”

Alyssa was diagnosed when she was six-years-old. She has had to adjust to a lot of things over the years. However, her perseverance has remained the same.

“It never really got in the way I mean I’ve been doing this for my whole life, so I’ve kinda like gotten used to it," Alyssa said. “It’s just like and with now getting older it’s like there’s so many more things that I can do.”

“We’ve gotten close very quickly," WAHS Cheer Head Coach Chris Stutsman said. “It is an amazing experience to have a child on your team. Whether they have a disability or not. She is just another member of the team”

In Alyssa’s first year cheering and being a high schooler, the girl won’t let anything stop her from living her life.

“Don’t be scared about it but like do what you want to put your mind into it and just do whatever you want. I mean, you only live once,” Alyssa said.

“Once her mind is set on something she’s doing it. That’s just who she is,” Angela said.

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