Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Blood Pressure Study Reveals New Insights for Women

Updated: Mar. 16, 2020 at 3:30 PM EDT
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A recent study is shedding light on blood pressure in women. A long-running study tracked people between the ages of five and ninety-eight for more than forty years. It showed sharp increases in blood pressure for women that started young.

“It can start very early in life, often when a woman is in her 20s,” noted Dr. Anna Baer, a cardiologist at Cardiovascular Associates of Charlottesville.

Dr. Baer says men and women are different when it comes to their heart health, and that is not anything new.

“Why that is, we do not know,” noted Dr. Baer. “Definitely hormones probably play some role in that but it’s also likely much broader than that.”

She also notes that with this new information from the study, she hopes it will be eye opening to women and encourage them to take time to get their numbers checked.

“It’s important to go for regular checkups and have your blood pressure checked,” said Dr. Baer.

Finally, she says the key in all of this is to put a priority on trying to keep your high blood pressure risk low from the beginning.

“Live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke. Avoid excessive alcohol. Eat a heart-healthy lifestyle and also exercise - it makes a big difference,” said Baer.

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