Class ring lost in Maine found in Finland 47 years later

PORTLAND, Maine (WGME/CNN) - A class ring that vanished in 1973 is now back with its owner more than four decades later.

The path that ring followed all those years is still unknown, but, somehow, in ended up on the other side of the world.

One of Debra McKenna's favorite memories from Morse High is when her future husband got up the nerve to ask her out.’

"It was on Valentine's Day, and it was little Valentine's card, and he asked me on a date,” she said.

After she and her husband Shawn started dating, he gave her his class ring.

But shopping one day in Portland, she took her ring off to wash her hands in a department store.

“I set it on the side of the sink, and, when I went back, once I realized it was gone, I went back in. And it was gone,” said McKenna.

She then had to get up the nerve to tell Shawn she'd lost his ring, but he told her it's only a ring.

They eventually married and had three children.

Shawn McKenna passed away three years ago and after all these years, she assumed she'd never see the ring again.

Shawn McKenna's classmates called, told her they thought his class ring was found with his engraved initials, and asked if he'd lost it.

“Then I told them the story, and I said, ‘This is unbelievable. Are you sure there's no one else in his class with his initials?’”

There wasn't.

Somehow, the ring she'd lost in Maine ended up buried in eight inches of dirt in a wooden park in the small town of Kaarina, Finland.

A Finnish shipbuilder, using a metal detector, dug up the blue stone ring. Ironically, the Shipbuilders are the Morse High School mascots.

The shipbuilder mailed the ring to McKenna, who got it last week.

She says her husband believed everything happens for a reason.

There's still one mystery left. How in the world did that ring get from Portland all the way to Finland? McKenna would love to have the answer.

“I wish it could talk. I would love to hear the story of how it got from here to there, and if anyone ever knows what it is, I would love to hear what it is, not judgment, just interest,” she said.

McKenna received the ring a week before Valentine’s Day, the holiday when her late husband asked her out.

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